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Here's some pictures of Sky Kids kids having fun with their families.

A few pictures from Scottsdale November 2014. Courtesy of Cindy Joiner our professional photographer.

Here's a picture slide show of the April 2016 Event. Courtesy of Cindy Joiner our professional photographer.

And here's a few more...

This Will Be A Great Day

Back From A Flight


Briget at the Red Carpet

Cheering the Kids

First Flight

Flight School

Fun at the table

Get your wings

Goodyear Police

Shane and Clown


The Team

Tuskegee Airmen

With Firefighters

Cheer On

Therapy Dogs

Back from Flying

Thank You Pilots More Than Just Flying

Hugs Fun With Joe

Old Plane Loaders Take A Break

What Will Happen? Lots of Help

Just Plane Fun Just Landed

Lots of Fire Fighters Fun With FireFighters

The Day Begins Early Relax After A Successful Day

Lets Get Flying Walk to the Flightline

Now That's Fun A Big Truck and A Friend

We Love Sparky On The Way

Air Born I can't wait...OVER

Can't Wait To Touch All Those Things

Air Boss And A Sky Kid

Steve and A Sky Kid

Air Boss and A Family