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Meet Sky Kids staff.

Nothing is so strong as gentleness and nothing is so gentle as real strength.
Ralph Washington Sockman; Methodist Pastor, October 1, 1889 – August 29, 1970

The Angels that make this happen

Sharon Antonucci, President

Steve Snyder, Chairman - Air Operations

Sharon Antonucci, Co-Founder, Executive Director, President

Steve Snyder, Chairman - Air Operations

Bill Antonucci, Administration/Operations

Tim Rilley, CoChair - Events

Bill Antonucci, Co-Founder, Executive Director, Administration/Operations

Tim Rilley, Director, Arizona; Chairman - Events and Facilities

Rebecca Timmer

Joe Husband, Airport Liason and General Great Guy

Rebecca Timmer, Chairwoman - Fund Raising/Branding

Joe Husband, Airport Liason

Ken Kawamoto

Ken Kawamoto, Director - Arizona, Events Coordinator - Goodyear

Ken (KC) Casey, Events Coordinator - Scottsdale

Mary Wheeler

Mark Antonucci

Mary Wheeler, Director - Arizona

Mark Antonucci, Director - New Jersey
Flight School Instructor

Robin Kawamoto

Kerry Johnson

Robin Kawamoto, Chairwoman - Registration

Kerri Johnson, Chairwoman
Parent Advisory Committee