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    Pilot Requirements

  1. 250 hours PIC (Pilot-In-Command) time.
  2. Possess a current FAA Private Pilot License or better.
  3. Possess a current FAA medical certificate or be medically qualified in a accordance with the rules of BasicMed, FAR part 68.
  4. Have a current biennial flight review in accordance with FAR 61.56.
  5. Have the recent flight experience required to carry passengers in accordance with FAR 61.57.
  6. Aircraft with current airworthiness certificate and annual.
  7. Aircraft must be properly insured. (Typical insurance: $1 million bodily injury + $100k/seat) (Provide Declaration page at the morning briefing)
  8. Sign the Pilot Agreement, the Pilot Fly Day Certification and the Volunteer Waiver of Liabilty. If you download them here, complete them and bring them with you to the event, it will save a lot of time at the moring briefing.

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Pilots' Paperwork:

Pilot Agreement

Pilot Certifications:

Pilot Fly Day Certification for Goodyear, AZ
Pilot Fly Day Certification for Scottsdale, AZ
Pilot Fly Day Certification for Chino, CA

Waiver of Liability:
Waiver of Liability for Goodyear, AZ
Waiver of Liability for Scottsdale, AZ
Waiver of Liability for Chino. CA